For a long time our blog stood still and we didn't let you hear from us. However, we would like to assure you that we have not been idle in the meantime and have used the time to build a solid and robust foundation to be able to stand by you as a long-term partner.

The focus of the last weeks and months was mainly on bugfixing and refactoring of the existing code structure of our application. Processes were streamlined, made more robust or replaced by others. The result is a largely reworked code structure in the backend, which will simplify future developments and thus serve to further improve the stability of our service.

The present - New User-Interface open for Beta-Testers

Currently we are working hard to offer you a completely reworked user interface coming to a monkey near you. The new UI is in closed beta now and we hope to ship it to all customers on the 19.05.2020.

With the revision of the existing UI we pursue two intentions:

First, we want to provide our customers a cleaner and more modern user interface that makes work more comfortable.

At the same time, however, the new layout of interface elements allows us a more flexible implementation than the existing interface would ever have allowed. And this much can be said: We still have plans for the future!

Together with the new UI, a new feature will also enrich our monkey family: The BackupMonkey Toolbox. Sales and information material on maintenance contracts as well as partly exclusive discounts for extensions and services will simplify the development of a sustainable maintenance business and provide a holistic ecosystem for agencies and freelancers.

The future - Further Developement

For the future, we plan to implement additional features. These include among others:

  • Automated extension updates
  • Security Audits
  • Improvement of white label reports
  • Support of further content management systems

In addition, we also want to continuously expand and improve our range of products around the BackupMonkey-Toolbox. Together with our community we want to provide support and react to new and old problems when building up a maintenance business.

We hope to be able to support and accompany many of you on your very personal way to success as a partner.

Your BackupMonkey Team

Robert, David & Lukas