In the last few weeks we have been working on minor bug fixes as well as an extension in our reporting and implemented a much requested feature for our customers.

The maintenance reports automatically sent by now also include updates that were manually applied to the site. This allows our customers to provide their customers with an almost complete overview of the work which has been done. Up to now, there have always been problems with this, which we have now finally been able to eliminate.

Update: Automatic Extension-Updates

By tracking manually performed updates, we were also able to build the foundation for a new feature: automatic extension updates.

Automatic Extension Updates allow you to define on a global scale for which extensions automatic updates should be made as soon as they are available. If necessary, it is of course possible to adjust the settings per page individually. With the help of this feature, countless clicks on our customers' sites can be saved and there is more time for the nice things in everyday office life. The system also recognizes whether an extension of the standard Joomla! update process supports or not and offers the update function only for those extensions that support the process.

We have already prepared a small preview for the upcoming feature for you:

Automatische Extension Updates: Preview Screenshot

Automatische Extension Updates: Preview Screenshot (2)

Our toolbox is also growing and we are in contact with other extension developers to offer our customers an even more complete package.

We hope that BackupMonkey will help you spend your time doing the things that are fun. 🐒

Your BackupMonkey Team

Lukas, David & Robert