Two long desired features have found their way into BackupMonkey as part of our last code sprint: Tags and Site Notes are now making managing your websites even more convenient!


It is now possible to create tags and then add them to one or more websites. The highlight - for each tag set, a quicklink can be added to the navigation listing all assigned websites.

In this way, websites can be grouped individually, for example, according to the scope of the associated Joomla maintenance contract. Multiple tags can be assigned to a website, so that maximum flexibility for the design of your maintenance workflow can be guaranteed.

tags notes blog

Site Notes:

In addition, individual notes on the site or the associated customer can now be stored for each site. Specific information about the particular website can be viewed at any time, both in the site overview and in the corresponding site dashboard.

We are pleased that the Monkey has become a bit better again and wish you a lot of fun with the new features.