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Keep your Joomla!-sites up-to-date. BackupMonkey provides you an easy-to-use list of available core and extension updates - all in one place. And the best part: You can apply those updates directly from the BackupMonkey panel with just a single click.

Become the lifesaver for your customers with reliably working backups. BackupMonkey does not only create backups, using the award-wining AkeebaBackup extension, but also tests those backups to make sure a working site can be restored – because an untested backup is not backup at all.

Make your services transparent to your customers with our automatically generated monthly reports. Provide information about:    

  • the number of core updates completed    
  • the number of extension updates being applies   
  • the number of backups made and tested    
  • the availability of the page.

The abstract concept of maintenance becomes tangible for customers without any technical background.

Always monitor the availability of your customer pages. Should a page be unavailable, you will be informed immediately by e-mail.

Backupmonkey provides one plattform to manage all your Joomla-Sites in one place. Always get an overview about the most important information of your sites. Easily apply updates, manage backups or just check if the site is online - all sites in one place.

Save valuable time and automate your backup process with our weekly planner. Decide for yourself how often backups are created and on which days they should be tested. Fully flexible and always customizable.

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How It Works

Setting up your personal BackupMonkey account is quick and easy.

1. Register

Register quickly and easily on backupmonkey.io. Try our service for free for 30 days. Without any risk.

2. Download Remote-Monkey

Download our Remote-Monkey extension in your personal admin panel.

3. Connect Sites

Install the Remote Monkey on your Joomla! sites and connect all desired pages with your Account.

4. Save time

Enjoy the benefits of backupmonkey.io. All pages in one place. Quick and easy. Let the Monkey do your work!