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Each additional package for 15 sites costs you 4.50€.
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The Basic Package

King Louie

6€ per Month*

Our basic package for the use of BackupMonkey. Connect up to 15 sites to your account and use all available functions. Save valuable time and money that you can invest in things that are fun or delicious - like bananas. Each additional upgrade of your account by 15 more sites only costs you 4.50€.

  • Package to connect up to 15 sites
  • Backup-Management
  • Customized maintenance reports
  • Core- and Extensionupdates
  • Security-Audits
  • Monitoring
  • All discounts & materials

Need space for more than 15 sites? If you need to manage more than 15 sites this is of course no problem. Each additional upgrade of your account by 15 more sites only costs you 4.50€!

The perfect additions for your sites

Add-On-Packages per Site

You want to automate your backup workflow?
No problem, BackupMonkey will help you.


With our weekly backup planer, you can create automated backups of your web sites using Akeeba Backup. Our infrastructure starts and monitors the process for you - independent from webhosts and without the need for cron jobs on the web space.


Become your customers live-safer with surely working backups. Since backup testing also increases our costs, we will also charge you for this additionally. To offer you a fair and individual price model, we scale our prices according to the tested backup size.

Prices per backuptest. Reviews

Independent customer reviews

With BackupMonkey, I manage all my customer projects in one place and can not only see immediately where updates are due, but can also carry them out in one go! I also trust in the old recommendation "Only a tested backup is a good backup" - and all this from an extremely friendly team from Germany who really know their way around Joomla.

Florian Bauer
Webfeuer Wien

BackupMonkey has made my admin life much easier. The automatic updates are fantastic, but even better are the verified backups that convinced me to use BackupMonkey. The friendly support is great. What more could you want? It's definitely worth the money.

Niko Winckel

I love BackupMonkey! I'm so grateful for the fast and friendly service on the few occasions that I've needed it

Alison Meeks,
AM Graphix

With BackupMonkey I have an overview of all projects and as a designer I can now finally manage the technical part with just a few clicks.

Great tool for managing and updating Joomla websites. The key feature is the backup testing, ensuring a valid backup. I couldn't wait for the WordPress version.

Robert Mittl,
Google Review
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Our answers

Frequently Asked Questions

You still have questions about our service?
Maybe you will find the right answer here.

Which payment methods do you support?

Currently we’re supporting credit card and SEPA payment. If it is not possible for you to pay by credit card, please contact our support. In this case, we will immediately activate you for payment by SEPA.

How do I book the packages I need?

You don’t need to book any packages or services manually.Our system automatically detects the number of connected sites, tested backups and activated backup plans. Based on this data, the total amount for the services provided will be calculated and invoiced to you in the following month.

Is it possible to terminate a subscription on a monthly basis?

Since we are absolutely convinced of our software and your added value, we do not bind you to long contract periods. In the event of cancellation, your subscription ends at the end of the month. Any basic fees are payable in full for that month and will be invoiced as usual on the 1st of the following month.

How does the payment work?

At the beginning of each month you will receive an invoice for all services provided in the previous month. Your account will then be automatically charged with the amount called up.

Do you offer discounts for non-profit organizations?

We are happy to support non-profit organizations and make our services available to them free of charge. You want to use BackupMonkey in your organization? Then write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A simple calculation example

The setup: One account with 13 linked Joomla! instances, daily automated backups per site and 1 backup tests per week / site.

1x Basic Package: 6.00€
13x Backup-Schedule: 1.30€ (13 x 0.10€)
52x Backup-Test: 5.20€ (52 x 0.10€)
Total: 12.50€