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Turn Joomla! Maintenance into a profitable business model for your company.
With BackupMonkey.

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BackupMonkey is the tool of choice to manage your Joomla! installations and for testing backups.

Save countless hours and spend your time on work you love. Turn Joomla! Maintenance into a profitable business model for your company. The boring maintenance work is done by our Monkey.

Keep your Joomla!-sites up-to-date. BackupMonkey provides you an easy-to-use list of available core and extension updates - all in one place. And the best part: You can apply those updates directly from the BackupMonkey panel with just a single click.

Become the lifesaver for your customers with reliably working backups. BackupMonkey does not only create backups, using the award-wining AkeebaBackup extension, but also tests those backups to make sure a working site can be restored – because an untested backup is not a backup at all.

Make your services transparent to your customers with our automatically generated monthly reports. Provide information about:    

  • The number of core updates completed
  • The number of extension updates being applied
  • The number of backups made and tested
  • The availability of the page

The abstract concept of maintenance becomes tangible for customers without any technical background.

Always monitor the availability of your customer's pages. Should a page be unavailable, you will be informed immediately by e-mail.

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Why Backupmonkey?

Maintenance as a business model

Take advantage of BackupMonkey and start your career as a maintenance contractor for Joomla! sites. BackupMonkey has everything you need to build a scalable and profitable business model.

Always on the safe siDe

We rely on the award-winning Akeeba Backup component when creating backups. Once the backup is created, we transfer it to our server cluster to restore a working site in an isolated, secure environment. Thereby we can guarantee that a created backup actually will work when needed.

All in One Place

Manually logging into your sites to apply updates or run other maintenance tasks takes tremendous time. With BackupMonkey, you have a centralized panel giving you an greate overview of your sites, the site states, available updates and the backup state.

Safe Communication

The communication between our infrastructure and your website is cryptographically protected. Our RemoteMonkey only supports a limited set of commands, it can only do what is absolutely necessary to make our service work fast and reliable.

BackupMonkey is 100% GDPR Compliant

Backupmonkey is 100% GDPR compliant. A secure technical infrastructure with servers in Germany and the ability to retrieve a Data Processing Agreement ensure legal compliance.