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Independent customer reviews

With BackupMonkey, I manage all my customer projects in one place and can not only see immediately where updates are due, but can also carry them out in one go! I also trust in the old recommendation "Only a tested backup is a good backup" - and all this from an extremely friendly team from Germany who really know their way around Joomla.

Florian Bauer
Webfeuer Wien

BackupMonkey has made my admin life much easier. The automatic updates are fantastic, but even better are the verified backups that convinced me to use BackupMonkey. The friendly support is great. What more could you want? It's definitely worth the money.

Niko Winckel

I love BackupMonkey! I'm so grateful for the fast and friendly service on the few occasions that I've needed it

Alison Meeks,
AM Graphix

With BackupMonkey I have an overview of all projects and as a designer I can now finally manage the technical part with just a few clicks.

Great tool for managing and updating Joomla websites. The key feature is the backup testing, ensuring a valid backup. I couldn't wait for the WordPress version.

Robert Mittl,
Google Review
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