We are super happy to finally introduce two frequently requested features to our subscribers: Security audits and automated extension updates. Both features are now available free of charge to all users as a part of the BackupMonkey basic package.

Security Audits

audits summary

Security audits have often been submitted to us as feature requests - finally they are available with three different test modules:

  1. checking the Joomla! configuration for security-relevant mistakes
  2. checking the core files for modifications
  3. checking the Joomla! installation for suspicious files and code patterns

Like all processes in BackupMonkey, security audits are processed asynchronously, so that maintenance work on other sites can be conveniently continued while the site check is running in the background.

For this purpose, a backup of the site is created and used as a basis for our security audits. The huge advantage: The security audits of the BackupMonkey do not create any additional load on the live system of the checked website.

audits detail

Once the security audit is completed, the result is presented in an overview and suspicious code sections can be viewed and checked in the browser by code highlighting.

For the future it is planned to further expand the security audits and to add further test functionalities to the feature set. So stay tuned!

Automated extension updates

Another exciting feature we can now finally present to you are automated expansion updates.

For each extension installed on at least one website connected to the BackupMonkey account, you can globally define whether updates should be applied automatically or not.

To do this, a check is made at least every four hours to see whether an update is available and, if so, to install it. For all those who want to be on the safe side, there is also the possibility to create a backup of the site before an automated extension update is installed.

If the global setting for specific pages does not seem to fit, it can be overwritten page-specifically (as known from the inheritance system in Joomla! itself).

Learn more about the new features in our documentation.

Our goal is to constantly develop and improve our tool to provide our customers with a comprehensive tool that makes the administration of Joomla! pages a breeze - GDPR-compliant and secure!

We will continue to do everything we can to achieve this in the future and use our experience from everyday agency work to constantly optimize the processes.

Do you have questions or feedback about our service? Then simply write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in the social medias. We are looking forward to it!

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