In recent weeks, customers have repeatedly approached us with requests for desired features and improvements. We are excited to present the new features of BackupMonkey in response to your feedback.

1. Support for Joomla 5! (without Compatibility Plugin)

Since October 2023, the BackupMonkey client now fully supports the latest Joomla! version without the need for an additional compatibility plugin. In the Admin panel, you now have access to two different versions of the BackupMonkey client (Remotemonkey):

  • 3.7.2 - Support for Joomla! 3.X
  • 4.7.2 - Support for Joomla! 4/5.X

2. Improved Customer Reports

Often requested and now finally available: optimized customer reports. To provide you with more flexibility in designing your customer reports, we have integrated additional placeholders into the system. This allows you to inform your customers in more detail about maintenance work performed and present yourselves more transparently than ever.

preview updatesite

The new placeholders at a glance:

{extension-update-list} // Detailed list of applied extension updates
{year} // Year of the report
{month} // Month of the report
{last-day-of-month} // Last day of the month of the report

3. Manage Update Servers in the Monkey

Also frequently requested by our customers: Update Servers are now available in the page detail view. If an update server is disabled, you can activate it directly from the BackupMonkey panel.

preview updatesite

4. Support for Dropbox as Storage during Backup Testing

New in our feature set is the integration of Dropbox as a storage option during backup testing. This integration provides a practical addition to the already supported storage solutions and an additional option for securing your data. We believe this feature is a meaningful addition for many users and look forward to your feedback.